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Rock Bottom To A Life of Travel w/ Francis


By jason moore

What brought you to your life of travel or your want to travel?

Today’s guest is Francis Nayan who pulled himself up from rock bottom to a life of long-term travel. We are getting into some deep topics around near-death experiences and how they shape you, our mutual distaste for hustle porn, lifestyle businesses such as copywriting (with great tips and resources for you), teaching English overseas as a bridge to world travel, and how quickly something can become your new normal. All of this and so much more is in this episode so grab your favorite beverage, get comfy, and join me for my chat with Francis Nayan.

How has a life-changing experience actually changed how you see & function in this world? What is the driving force behind your reason for wanting to travel? Let me know by sending me an audio message (please) or shoot me an email over at

Tune In To Learn:

  • 07:35 It’s Not About The Hustle Porn

  • 10:30 From Overdose To Hero’s Journey

  • 14:30 Learning To Adapt To Change

  • 16:35 Fear Becoming Your New Normal

  • 19:00 What It’s Like to Survive a Near-Death Experience

  • 21:40 Using Your Low Points As Motivation For Your Future

  • 23:15 Teaching English As A Bridge To World Travel

  • 28:00 Expat Life In Budapest

  • 33:15 Tapping Into Your Intuition as Part of the Decision Making Process

  • 39:25 The Pros and Cons of a Physical World Job Versus a Digital One

  • 42:50 The Art Of Copywriting: Direct Response Copywriting

  • 44:15 How Copywriting Can Help You & Your Business

  • 46:45 Top Resources For Learning Copywriting

  • 48:15 Advice For Future Copywriters

  • 50:00 Driving Force Is Having Experiences & A Lifestyle You Want

  • 53:15 Francis’ Favorite European Places

  • 55:25 Loving on Budapest

  • And so much more




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