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Creating a Career as a Freelance Copywriter with Francis Nayan

Insider Podcast


This month on The Insider we are joined by Francis Nayan to talk about building a career as a freelance copywriter!

Francis Nayan is an email copywriter for coaches and e-commerce businesses who want to make more money with engaging personal copy.
He joins us on The World Wanderers Insider to talk about how he built his career in copywriting, starting with no experience and learning on his own.
Learn more about Francis and his work at
Connect with Francis on Twitter:

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Why did Francis move to Budapest to teach English

  • How Francis got interested in copywriting

  • What is copywriting and what does a freelance copywriter do?

  • What are the best places to start learning how to work as a copywriter?

  • Do you need to love writing to work as a copywriter?

  • How did Francis get his first client?

  • Francis’ tips for new writers to find their first clients

  • Hiring yourself before you get hired by others

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