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Why You Should Segment Your Email List

Do you batch-and-blast? Buying an email list and blasting people with generic messages? Some email marketers send tons of emails to tons of people, crossing their fingers that it would work.

But segmenting and personalizing your email messages will increase revenue by 50%. And that’s a ‘conservative’ estimation.

It’s super easy to create email list segments based on many factors. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it.

The days of “batch and blast” are gone. Welcome to the age of personalization.

If you need more convincing, check out these four reasons to segment your email list.

Create Happy Subscribers

No two subscribers are identical. Creating a segment for each customer type will help you write better emails that target their needs. You can create your offers around what they want. Thus, your subscribers will engage more with your emails.

For instance, when a customer purchases organic soup products, you can target them with similar organic product. Or remind them when you’re running out of stock.

This level of personalization always drives your customers to talk about their positive experiences on social media. Which attracts more customers to your eCommerce store.

Improve Click-Through Rate

Because your customers will enjoy your tailored email, they’re much more likely to open and click.

There are many ways to achieve that. Ask your customers whether they’re more interested in coupons or blog posts.

Once you know what they’re interested in, you can send more of that.

If you’re promoting a subscription-based business, you can re-engage with members who drop out. You can survey them, understand why they quit, and launch another campaign to get them back.

Decrease Cart Abandonment Rate

Likewise, you can set up an automated message for customers who don’t complete their purchase.

In most cases, you can segment and retarget those customers and win them back. Whether by giving them a discount or simply nudging them gently to complete the purchase.

If you launched a product that sold out quickly. You may target those customers who missed out. It can save your relationship with them when you provide them with amazing offers.

Maintain Customer Relationships

While you’re working on attracting more subscribers, you must also nurture your current relationships.

Customer loyalty is hard enough to earn and maintain. So, when you segment subscribers based on purchase history, you can target them with personalized offers.

You can achieve that through birthday discounts or ‘anniversary’ content. You may also create new discounts for repeat customers who buy large amounts.

Finally, you can create a ‘VIP’ list or a loyalty program for those who get your exclusive content.


In short, segmentation is an incredible personalization email marketing strategy. It’s essential to creating that emotional connection with your subscribers.

Plus, why risk getting spam reports by blasting a bought email list? The amount of time necessary to set up your email segments and personalization will inevitably pay for itself.

So, if you view email marketing as a long-term game, you should segment your email list.

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