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Why You Should Focus MORE On Email Marketing

Email is the engine of any successful digital marketing strategy.

One well-planned and well-executed email marketing campaign is enough to establish trust with your audience. Indeed, you can build a very successful business in Emails alone.

Furthermore, investing in emails is the only known investment (1:42) that will keep giving. In short, email marketing is the ace in your deck of business card tricks.

But, Why Is Your Email List A Vital Part Of Your Business?

It’s a list that contains the electronic address of your community members. They’re people who pay for your services and generate revenue for your business.

How to grow your email list from 0 to 1000 dramatically?

  • Ask your everyday customers and business partners for their emails

  • Reach out to your followers and connections on social media 1-on-1

  • Set up a landing page on your website where subscribers can opt-in

  • Paid media

Once you get your first 500–1000 first email subscribers, you can leave the snowball effect to take its course.

With that out of the way, let’s look at reasons why email marketing is here to stay:

Email Is The Preferred Tool Of Communication On The Internet

The email has always been a personal communication tool. Social media became prominent, but people still prefer email to do business.

For example, you’re more likely to get a favorable response over email than Facebook Messenger. It’s because we’re primed to view email as a private channel best for 1-on-1 communication.

Social media is loud, not the best place to conduct serious business.

Once You Set Up A Workflow — It’s Convenient

Your inbox is your private space. While anyone can follow you and react to your public posts on social media, they can’t reach you on email as readily.

People won’t allow anyone to their email inbox.

Unlike social media, you don’t set up a profile with a public image to maintain. Email is where you receive your most important messages.

You kick out anyone who’s not personally invited.

Email Is Much More Personal Than Other Platforms

Nothing can come close to the intimacy an email message can create. Maybe the only thing is making a phone call. But you can’t call your contacts all at once.

Again, email is a 1-on-1 communication. With all the dating analogies in email marketing, some compare your email inbox to your bedroom.


Because you don’t allow anyone there!

If you think about it, your email is one of the first things you check when you wake up — even before your morning coffee.

When you send your email message so your customer reads it while half asleep, you can’t get more personal than that.

A Strong Signal That Your Business Is Active

You can send a message to thousands of people in their email inbox from any device. INSTANTLY. Before email marketing, it was science fiction.

Don’t take it personally, but people tend to forget your business exists if you don’t remind them. It’s just like in real life when you forget about a friend who stopped showing up or calling.

You tend to think (secretly) they fell through the cracks when you seem them again.

Life is busy, and all that jazz.

Email is the best way to keep your customers engaged until the time is ripe to hit them with your kick-ass offer.

Achieve Instant Credibility with Email Follow Up

What happens to the clients and customers who contact about your service then disappear?

Most likely, they go to a competitor, lose interest, or forget all about you.

What if you can gain their attention, understand what they want, and deliver it?

You’ll get much more business from them. They might even become your biggest advocates.

All with a simple email follow up. When you “keep in touch,” people give you the benefit of the doubt. They take you seriously.

Email is best to nurture relationships not only with current partners but also with new ones.

Scalability is the Name of the Game in Email Marketing

With the right tools, you can maintain profitable relationships with many people.

You limit your potential when you keep working with the same clients. Don’t get us wrong, repeat business is the bomb.

We’re talking about focusing all your resources on serving the same clients without trying to gain new business.

Why limit yourself? Your market is vaster than you think. Why not expand? Why not open a new stream of revenue? Contact more people with customized messages and get their business.

So what if they don’t answer? It’s their loss. You can always move on to the next opportunity.

In the email marketing context, scalability means reaching out to many many many people with a strategic approached customized to their liking — without looking like an amateur.

It’s like having a fleet of fishing ships going every day out in the ocean to come back with the goods… while you pay very little for gas and maintenance

Whether you learn it and do it yourself, or hire a professional email marketer, the benefits are clear by now.

Any digital marketing you’ll ever do must have the email element as its foundation.

If you can make people trust you enough to give you a room in their email inbox, you’ll never worry about “running out” of business.

Make your competitors wonder how you’re doing it!

Let them think it’s magic or something.

So in short, why focus on email?

Because research shows that email marketing has a higher ROI than any other marketing channel and it’s one of the best ways to connect and engage with your audience and stand out from your competitors!

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