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Why Social Media Sucks

I know the subject line may be a bit harsh and whatnot, but hey, that's kind of the point.

I really don't know how to phrase it any more than that.

And look, before you got off on me and send me screenshots of my not just one...

But TWO Facebook profiles, let me explain myself really quickly.

First of all, I created two profiles so I can separate my business messages from my personal messages.

You know, for my mental health and all of that.

Second, I only hate social media so much because I used to love it more than literally anything in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.


I posted every day and not turned down the chance to show everyone how awesome my life was...

Actually, if you go to my Instagram, you'd see there was one point in my life in which I'd post every day.




Now? Not so much.

Nowadays, I cringe at my former self and I cringe EVEN HARDER at hardcore online business owners who use social media as their only source of lead generation.

Sure, I use FB sometimes to create convos.

You may have even opted-in to my list because I promoted it in a group or we added each other as friends...

But that doesn't mean I get my rocks off to posting photos every day and putting value bombs in groups to get three likes by profiles that have fake names and photos.

Nor do I ask people to 'comment below' for whatever reason.

For me, that just seems scammy and it's a dead-end to nowhere.

Call me old-school but I think email is still the reigning champ in regards to marketing platforms.

Here's why I think so and you should too:

1. Email is something everyone uses

People say 'email is dead'. To be frank, they just suck at email marketing. Email is the start of everyone's online identity and it's checked multiple times a day. By creating good emails, you create an incredible platform that feels much more human than social media.

2. Email is personal

When you read a social media ad, you know it's an ad and for multiple people. But emails are different. They sit in the same place as messages from your loved ones. There's just something more personal and real when you get an email - especially if it's written with a story or some pizzazz.

3. Email lets you follow up

According to Brian Carrol, author of Lead Generation For The Complex Sale, "Up to 95% of qualified prospects on your web site are there for research...But 70% will either buy from you or your competitors."

But the most important stat is that 70% of visitors will never actually return to your site...Unless you capture their emails and give them enough value that they DO come back.

4. Email is scalable

There's nothing quite like having a platform in which you can write a personalized message to hundreds or thousands of people. That means YOU can have the attention of THOUSANDS in one send...Think about that. And also think about how email gives you the freedom to customize messages and give your list a unique journey...How cool is that?!

Maybe this message was more about why I love emails and not so much why I hate social media.

Regardless, you won't find me creating a FB group or posting all too often.

Tell me what you think.

What's your opinion on social media?

Do you use it as your main source for lead generation?

Let's talk about it.

Hope you have a great day,


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