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Why Email Is Better Than Social Media

For every $1 you invest in email marketing, you get $42 in return. It’s very obvious why digital marketing experts favor email marketing over social media.

Why? Because email marketing is a fundamental block in your marketing funnel. It’s the best method to build and nurture relationships with your leads. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic way to establish trust, authority, and credibility with your subscribers.

But most importantly, it’s easier to keep people’s attention with email than social media.

Social media is free. Any marketer can start a Facebook Page, advertise their business, and build a fan base.

However, you aren’t in control of algorithms.

To reach people who already like your Page, you must advertise with Facebook.

In other words, Facebook shares your community with you. And won’t let you access it without advertising.

Not to mention, there’s a lot of competition because other marketers can start their Facebook Page for free.

Social media is competitive. With email marketing, you own the email list.

Once your email list grows, and you have thousands of subscribers, the email software company can’t take them away from you.

Of course, growing and maintaining an email list isn’t free. But it’s better than social media followers.

Followers on social media aren’t there to buy anything. They’re there to socialize in the first place.

Whereas an email list is a list of active buyers who signed up because they want to buy what you’re offering.

Your followers might come and go, but on your email list, it’s another story.

It’s infinitely important to convert your social media followers into email subscribers.

Social media is owned by someone else. If you control the email list, you control the business. If all your buyers are social media followers, the “house” owns them.

For example, a real estate agent with an active email list can quit working for an agency and never look back. Because in that situation, you don’t rely on a company to provide leads.

You own a list of leads that is your email list.

The same applies to social media, you can invest in advertising and content marketing, only to find your account shut down for no obvious reason.

Social media is public. When you publish your content on social media, you never know the results. You can use analytic tools and insights, but you don’t know if your content will reach the target audience.

When you send an email, you know where it’s going and to whom.

Plus, your competitors can use spy tools to analyze your social media content. And outperform you. With email marketing, most of what you do is hidden from your competitors.

By scrubbing your email list, you can get rid of freeloaders and keep your email list clean.

Lastly, social media can’t achieve a high level of personalization like email marketing.

Email can create a 1-on-1 atmosphere which is important in marketing.

In social media, you spray and pray.

In conclusion, a well-maintained email list can outlive social media followers. If you’re looking for business longevity, build your email list. If you’re looking for quick wins, go with social media.

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