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Why Copywriters Need A Rest Day

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Were you or are you an athlete?

Do you, at least, hit the gym every so often?

Are you a weirdo like me who likes to learn about the lives of the world's top athletes?

If you're like me, then you said 'yes' to at least one, if not all of these simple questions.

The truth is that back in the day, yours truly was a pretty stellar athlete.

I was a lacrosse goaltender in high school and even played a little bit in university. And even though I'm no longer between the pipes, I still like to keep myself active.

I go to the gym 4-6x a week with my girlfriend and it's definitely one of the best habits we have. We burn off some energy, ease the tension, and get to run around and lift shit for an hour or so every day.

It's awesome and you should do it too.

And even though we love the hell out of it and don't necessarily feel like we're on the verge of injury or total burnout...we take breaks from it.

One thing I always hear from top athletes is how important rest is for them.

And ever since I had a mental shift of not just being a 'typical freelance copywriter', but a 'high-performing freelancer copywriter with a business', and also after experiencing a spike in business, I've started seeing more and more the benefits of taking a break from work, writing, and any business-related thing for a day or two.

If you're a freelance copywriter or business owner too, then you also should take a breather.

Really quickly, here's why:

You Gain More Motivation

Taking a break eases your head and makes you hungry to hit your business goals again. As a freelance copywriter, after a break, I have a drive that makes me go harder than before.

You Improve

Just like an athlete who lets his muscles rest and become stronger, taking a break as a copywriter means letting your mind recover and become stronger.

You Gain Clarity

Taking a step break and recovering lets you reflect on what you're doing and lets you see it from a clearer perspective. You're not racking your head with deliverables or more action, you can take a deeper look and what you're doing and understand what you really want to do next.

You Avoid Burnout

Every freelance copywriter and business owner has experienced the dreadful burnout. For me, I've stopped at a halt and even took a full week off away from my laptop, questioning why I do what I do and why I care so much. It was irrational but it happened. I consider this like a mental injury that leaves me on the sidelines. Taking a break helps avoid this process-killing phase.

What do you?

How do you take breaks?

Are you a freelance copywriter obsessed with putting in 100s of hours of hustle-porn a week or do you take frequent breaks?

Hit me up if you want to connect!

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