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What Tiger King Taught Me About Marketing

If you haven't seen or even heard of Netflix's latest "groundbreaking drama", Tiger King, then you've been living under a rock since the damn pandemic started.

Let me tell you...

This shit is bananas.

You've got everything you need for the makings of a hilariously awesome time.

Tigers, fights, feuds, sex, meth, a gay marriage with a straight guy, Florida, a cult, and unnecessary arguments over YouTube videos.

Golly, I wish that was MY LIFE.


I really don't.

Anyways, for at least a few weeks, Tiger King, took the world by storm.

And course it did.

If you took a step back and looked at the perfect marketing storm that Tiger King thrusted itself into, then it'd make perfect sense for you too. It went ridiculously viral and it was ranked as the #1 show on Netflix for weeks straight...

(I think Michael Jordan's, The Last Dance, is #1 now - more on that later)

And it's all because it had EVERYTHING it needed to absolutely knock it out of the park. It had a bunch of factors that made it memorable, enthralling and had you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Okay, before I promote this show any longer without getting paid for it, let me show you what I mean:

#1 The Perfect Timing

Joe Exotic and crew lovingly touched our lives at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. You're home. You're not going anywhere. And you're probably really really bored.

So, why not watch the show about a crazy Florida man playing with tigers who has an ongoing feud with the boss-level cat lady and a potential sex cult?

Hell yeah.

Word of mouth made this mayhem a reality and people were clawing to watch the next episode...Because when you're bored at home. What else are you gonna do?

#2 The Wild Characters & Story

Joe, Carol, Doc Antle, the crew members, and everyone on this shitshow of a series was memorable. Literally, it's hard to turn away at the screen when it's packed with people you're amazed are actual people.

Now, that's some good marketing.

Want to learn how to become memorable?

Standout and be yourself.

No one on this show was apologetic or was afraid to show their true colors - and you shouldn't either.

No matter how crazy they were...

They all ended up with a bunch of loyal fans and a following that'd literally do anything for them.

#3 Everyone Is The Hero of Their Own Story

Everybody on this show loved themselves a little too much. They were willing to do anything and everything to get themselves on top, to feel powerful, and like they were always in the right. Take a lesson from this.

No, I'm not saying to be as ridiculous as these people...

But to keep in mind that your consumer wants to feel this too. They want to you to say, "you're right to feel like this" and you can help them in your special way.

Deep down, the people in the show - no matter how crazy they were...

They just wanted to feel like they belonged to a group.

And that's the feeling you should try to create with your audience.

Keep that in mind next time you write copy or you try to create content on any of your channels.


Alright, it's Friday.

That's it from me for today and the whole weekend.

I hope you have a great time and you stay safe.

All the best,


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