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Tom Cruise Marketing or Something

Today's email is about how Tom Cruise's movie, Top Gun, is a purrrrfect example of marketing that you should implement into your business ASAP. 

Forget the foreplay today, let's dive in and get dirty. 

Here's the story:

In 1986, the action film, Top Gun, debuted on silver screens all over the world. 

It had a young Tom Cruise bein' a badass in a fighter jet - that's about it. 

The plot, acting, and overall movie were, like, sub-par to pretty okay at best, but it was freakin' hit with the younger crowd. 

And well, it makes sense, right? 

If you haven't seen it already...

Then just know it's about as far as a 'bro movie' as any movie can possiby get. 

You've got cool nicknames like Goose and Maverick, ridiculously cool action-packed flight scenes that were waayyyy ahead of it's time, guys high-fivin' over nothin', and a hot blonde who ends up with the hero. 

What's not to like? 

Well, guys loved the hell out of it. 

So much that the Navy and Airforce had a SPIKE in new enlistments shortly after the movie came out. 

Men couldn't get enough of the jets, high-speed action, and the possibility of getting the hot blonde. 

The movie was soooo successful in making pilot life look so cool that the Navy and Air Force actually started setting up recruitment booths outside of screenings just to quickly capture the hot-n-ready guys who just got a 2 hour vision of what life COULD be for them. 

You see, Top Gun totally smashed it when it came telling a story and painting the benefits of a product. 

Whether they knowingly or unknowingly made a 2-hour ad on the Navy and Airf Force - the producers of the movie DID successfully promote what life as a pilot could be like. 

Annnnnd that's something you should keep in mind when it comes to your copy and marketing, in general. 

Lead with a story, throw some emotional elements in there, and transform your prospect into the hero they want to be. 

You'll end up with more sales, clients, and customers - I guarantee it. 

Alrighty. That was a quick one, but that's how it is sometimes :) 

Happy Wednesday, by the way. 

I've been a bit slow with my emails in the last few weeks but I promise to keep it up in the next few weeks. 

Work has been nutz and yours truly is just trying to keep up!

Anyway, I hope you have a great day and we can connect soon. 


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