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5 November Newsletter Ideas

The greatest email marketers are also the greatest planners. Planning a November newsletter is an exercise in holiday marketing. Why? Because November is chock-full of them, from Thanksgiving, Black Friday, to Cyber Monday.

As people welcome the chill of the Autumn by staying home and shopping, it presents a ripe opportunity to woo them with your holiday marketing emails.

Veteran’s Day AKA Remembrance Day:

As the name implies, Veteran's Day is a day to remember the sacrifice of our brave troops. It's also a day to honor living veterans. There's a good chance that you have a few veterans on your email list.

At least, a family member or relative is in the military. Create a promotion for this specific segment and raise your patriot flag high on that day.

It's a US federal holiday. Keep that in mind if you're marketing outside a US market.

Friday the 13th:

The generous spirit of Halloween extends well into November. If you have missed Halloween in October, this is your second chance.

Few people understand the significance of Friday the 13th. According to urban legend, when the 13th of the month coincides with Friday, it’s a bad luck day.

Celebrate it with promotional emails and lucky discounts.


It must be the most marked holiday in November. It's the best opportunity to give thanks to your subscribers for your business growth.

You can also design your emails with an Autumn theme.

Furthermore, you can plug in your product and connect it to Thanksgiving.

For example, a fitness brand will take the opportunity to remind subscribers of healthy eating habits.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Play your cards right, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be a boom for your email marketing and sales.

People know the significance of shopping during this week. Yes, week. Because it's best if you run your campaign starting from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Furthermore, people expect huge discounts, sales, and pleasant surprises.

It’s always best to build up anticipation before the big day.

So, make sure you start early to get your email list talking.


If any of your favorite influencers is born in November, it’s never a bad idea to celebrate their birthday. Be it a personal hero, business inspiration, or long-dead philosopher.

Focus on what you learned from that public figure, how they influenced your brand, or contributed to your personal growth.

It’ll show the human side of your brand. And help people align with you based on shared world views.


Holiday marketing should be high on your list. But it doesn’t have to be “hard work.” Once you set your stable email marketing campaigns, you’ll use them for years.

Some tweaks here and there, and they’ll be as good as new.

Also, remember that November has other important occasions. You can review a book on Book Lovers Day. Make a donation on World Kindness Day. Adopt a senior pet, it's their month.

The key is to share your experience and contextualize them to your brand

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