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Newsletter Content Strategy for the Holidays

Holidays are great opportunity to make more sales and grow your brand in the process. This season is special, people have enough savings for shopping. Yet, there’s a full swing pandemic-based recession. And the competition is vicious.

All these events happening at the same time presents a unique challenge to your brand. And that’s why you need to be fast with your responses, ruthless with your execution. You snooze, you loose.

Newsletter Content Calendar

First of all, you need a content calendar to know what you’re going to send, when, and to whom.

It’ll be your best friend during the holidays season as it’ll be the backbone of your strategy.

As you navigate your way through the holiday, you’ll discover empty gaps and ripe opportunities.

It’s very important to keep accountable and alert. Start with this crucial component and only move on when you have a reliable content calendar.

Along with your calendar, define an objective of your campaign. You don’t have to announce it to the world. Keep it to yourself as a motivator. A north star.

Dress Up Your Emails

Design your emails so that they reflect the spirit of the holiday. If you’re using your website, create new opt-in forms with holiday themes. If you’re on social media, update your profile picture and cover photos to reflect the season.

Really get into the mood to inspire your audience to connect with you.

Clearly Define (Or Tweak) Your Buyer Personas

You probably have several segments in your email list. But for the holiday season, you’ll need to redefine them.

Since this is a holiday season, reimagine your email segments based on your typical family.

A male (father), female (mother), teenage son, baby girl. Include a grandpa and grandma if your products and services serve them.

Create your email sequences around each type of personality to fit their situation. Try to get into their skin while writing your emails.

Customize your opt-in forms according to each segment you’re targeting.

Focus on Service Instead of Discounts

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" -Mark Twain

Your competition will be heavy on discounts. Don’t dismiss strategic discounts entirely, but everyone is doing them.

To attract customers to your brand, you’ll need more than a sweet discount.

Naturally, people are in a heightened emotional state due to the nature of the holidays. Emotional storytelling will help establish you as the go-to brand for holiday shopping. For years to come.

Producing infotainment newsletters will provide a greater return than being bullish on sales.

Build relationship first, and sales will only follow.


The holiday season will see unprecedented rates of selling. An email marketer must be too lazy to miss it.

During a pandemic recession, people are still hopeful. And you’ll gain their trust if you prove your goodwill.

At these critical moments, they’ll need your assurance. In conclusion, humanize the holiday shopping experience. People will love you for it after spending months locked up in their homes.

No discount can replace human connection.

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