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Mini-rant on how to be better at email strategy

Email marketing isn't an effortless skill to learn.

It's not hard either. I should know. As an email copywriter, I learned a lot about it for the past few years. I've worked with entrepreneurs, coaches, and high rollers using Klaviyo.

Today, I'm going to compile the chief principles I learned in the last few years. My goal is to reveal to you signposts on the road to profitable email marketing.

So, you don't have to start from scratch. Furthermore, you'll get some decent insight from a dude who has been in the game, deep in the trenches of the email marketing world.

It's a win-win-win situation.

Let me start with an important tip about email copy.

Write Compelling Email Copy with Your Eyes Closed

All you need to write email copy is a pen and paper!

Whether for your eCommerce business, training program, or Kindle books.

Without going too deep into psychological theories, your unconscious mind is a powerful giant. But for better or worse, it's like a lazy giant.

The only way to teach “yourself” is through repetition.

I'm sorry in advance. It may sound like self-help mumbo jumbo. But it worked for me.

So, the basic premise is this:

Collect swipe files. Emails are written by world-class email copywriters, Ben Settle, Matt Furey, Joanna Wiebe. You may have read a perfect email that you thought was well-written.

So, once you have a stack of email swipe files, start writing them.

I want you to take your pen and notebook and write those best emails with your hands.

As I said in the beginning, email marketing copywriting isn't effortless - sometimes it fucking sucks.

When you write emails by hand, you involve all your senses in the process. Thus, your mind will think like a beast email copywriter on the unconscious level. Do it for two weeks. Keep practicing until you feel comfortable writing your own material.

If your email copy is already performing well, this exercise will improve it.

In case your email copy is falling flat, you got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If there's a secret to email copywriting, then practice is.

If you want to learn more, hit me up. Let's do this shit together.

Email Marketing Copywriting Best Practices

Mastering the core skill of email marketing - which is copywriting - is the first step.

The following actionable email marketing tactics worked for me. I hope they work for you as well.

You're lucky because they're all compatible with Klaviyo. So, if you're using email automation, the following techniques will help you put your skill to work!

Link to Your Videos

Take the "show and don't tell" concept to the next level. If you have a YouTube channel, link to your videos in your emails.

Whether it's a product demonstration, testimonial, a message from the CEO. Make sure to include your most important communications in video format.

It'll also help your subscribers connect with your brand deeper.

Repurpose Your Social Media Content

I found that using templates and formulas quite useful in my emails. Although results vary from industry to industry, the basic principle still applies. With practice, you'll learn what makes your subscribers tick, and how to connect with them.

“If it ain't broke don't fix it.”

When something is tested and true, you don’t need to improve it. 

Segment Your Subscribers

Always create lists within your list.

Segmentation is a fundamental marketing practice, but it's underutilized.

To get better control of your email marketing, target the right customers with the right messages. Of course, at the right time.

It'll help you determine who's who on your email list. Most email marketing automation services like Klaviyo, Mailchimp and others allow you to do that.

Then, it's easy to do.

Text-Based Content

If you think about it, the emails you send and receive from your friends are all text.

The emails you send to your subscribers shouldn't be any different.

Remember to optimize your emails for a response not to impress. Text-based emails seem more natural and friendly as opposed to flashy emails.

Tell A Story

The purpose of telling a story is to convey your value proposition. In email marketing copywriting, the brand that knows the best stories wins.

Plus, people love stories.

So, make sure to show your value by telling stories in your brand tone of voice.

Clean Up Your Email List

One of the main factors for a low open rate is inactive subscribers. If a subscriber doesn't open your emails for 90 days, you should unsubscribe them.

Improve Your Email Marketing Copywriting Gradually

You now have the basics of a solid email marketing campaign. I invite you to take it to the real world. In two weeks, if you didn't start to notice real growth, you can dismiss me.

So, dedicate the next two weeks to following the advice here.

And enjoy yourself!

Of course, you can ignore it all. But you may remain stuck with your brand and struggling.

Mastering email marketing copywriting is the only way to escape being stuck.

I've helped my clients generate millions and millions of dollars with these principles. Whether you're an affiliate marketer, publisher, retail store owner, this stuff will work.

I know from experience.

You're welcome to see for yourself.

More Help for Your Email Marketing Copywriting

I've just put together just a few tips for decent email marketing and copywriting in this blog post. Due to my laziness, I may have unintentionally left some details out, sorry.

I love to talk about all thing’s copywriting. So, if you have a few minutes to discuss any of these points, please give me a call or hit me with a message.

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