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How to Write an Eye Opening Subject Line

While your subject line can make or break your open rate, it remains a small ingredient in your email. You have other email design elements, like body copy, CTAs, GIFs, links, etc.

And your email message is a smaller part of the bigger email campaign. So, put that into perspective and remember that the context will determine the effectiveness of your email subject line.

Let’s examine some of the most popular subject lines that you can adapt to different purposes, and most importantly, why they’re very effective.

1. Your prayers are answered, {First Name}

A personal subject line that inspires hope and evokes curiosity. Most of all, it's short. The most popular subject lines are between 3-5 words. It works best when the content of the email solves a problem.

2. You did it 🎉

Instantly, you want to find out what you "did" exactly. By adding a positive\celebratory emoji to this subject line, you raise more curiosity as your reader feels positive about the whole message. (It's very important to give a great offer inside the email, like a free membership into a special discount program.)

3. {First Name}, your next opportunity

Describe what you're offering in five words or less. With a glance, your message will sink into the subconscious mind and catch attention quickly. Inside the email, keep to your promise and earn trust.

4. We miss you, {First name}

It's ideal for people who drop out or stop opening your emails. Another variation is "We miss you at [your brand name]." The power of this subject line is making the reader feel recognized. Like their absence really mean something to someone. It makes them feel important. People love that feeling.

5. Quick fix for [pain point]

'Quick fix' speaks urgency. It's time-sensitive. Something that grabs immediate attention. Your reader must be feeling a lot of pain and need fast relief now. Example: Quick fix for hangover headache. If you use this subject line, you must also provide a real solution with quick results.

6. Amaaazing offer expiring at 11:59

It's a FOMO-based subject line. Plus, subject lines with numbers (especially statistics) are

good for your bottom line. There's no time to waste. The email should give the value immediately after the reader opens the email.

7. Requesting your help

The power word here is “request.” Subject lines asking for help always get a high open-rate. Just make sure you don’t ask the moon. This subject line is perfect for asking for a customer interview, review, or survey. BTW, asking for small favors makes people perceive you as a friend.


A/B testing is your friend. When in doubt, use different variations of your subject lines on two small segments. And run the winner to your entire list.

Experiment with length, add emojis, use ALL CAPS. Get inspiration from your favorite brands.

Writing creative subject lines will not only get you opened but also increase sales. So, don’t reinvent the wheel, and stick to what you know is true.

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