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How Disappointing My Parents Made Be A Better Copywriter

It's time to roll. 

I just finished one heck of a weekend battling constant migraines, massive UN-motivation, and the slight touch of the burnout monkey creeping on my back...

It was no bueno. 


I've brought them great shame, BUT...

Since I'm just a massive copywriting nerd, I couldn't help but take this failure and somehow twist it to something that'd help me write better copy and in doing so, help you write better also.

Today, I'm gonna tell you that quick story and I hope you get some value from it...

Okay, here's how I epically failed my Filipino roots and will probably never show my face ever again to my dear old momma bear

It's Friday night. 

My girlfriend and I do are regular shindig of homemade dinner and watching trash reality TV. Right now, we're all about Hell's Kitchen...(okay, it's not that trashy, but still)

And since we're all about cookin', I decided to bring out my inner Ramsay and create a traditional Filipino dish called Sinigang. 

If you haven't had the chance to try it out, you should. It's a broth that's slightly fishy, a bit sour, and a lot of deliciousness...And it also reminds me of Saturday evenings with my Grandma when I was just a fat, chubby 8-year old with NBA aspirations. 

So here I am trying to make the damn thing. 

I throw in some vegetables, some tomatoes, some damn bok choy, and some tamarind paste...

I was pumped. 

There's no doubt that it's gonna be tasty. 

But, then a problem occurred...

Instead of having its typical soupy greyness that's like Vietnamese pho, it had a brown, slightly shitty color to it that definitely DID NOT look appetizing. Not only did it look weird, but it actually tasted entirely watered down like a soda machine at a late-night McDonalds. 

I messed up. 

I thought I had everything and the tamarind paste was the baby that brought everything together...

I was wrong. 

I had no choice but to salvage what I could and call my dear old mom to help me out. 

I told her that I used tamarind paste because that's all I had to use here in Budapest and that I thought it would work...

Needless to say, she told me I messed up and I should've used tamarind MIX and also a little fish sauce to complete the broth. 

She went ahead and contacted my dad (...who I don't talk to THAT MUCH) and I got an earful of laughter that also sounded like slight disappointment.

No worries, though. 

We all shared a couple of chuckles and I was actually able to rescue the dish by quickly sprinting to the local Asian specialty store to get the mix and fish sauce so I could finally relive some tasty childhood memories...

It was not as good as Grandma's but no one makes anything better than her and no one will...


How does this story relate to copywriting? 

Well, the perfect piece of copy, whether it be an email, sales letter, lead magnet, FB ad, or what have you...

NEEDS certain parts for it to come together and work. 

If you don't have all of these elements in your 'recipe', then your copy is doomed to sound incongruent, amateur, and like it's miss that 'one thing' that'd help sell your product or service. 

You may think you have everything you need to convert your piece, but in reality, you're shooting blanks...

Or in my case, you have some that looks kind of shitty. 

So how do you make sure you have everything that ensures your copy attracts qualified leads and helps you close more clients or sell more products even better? 

Do what I did and consult with someone who can help you...

And that's where I come in. 

If you're a business owner looking for the 'perfect recipe' for your copy and/or email strategy, then let's talk. 

Send me an email and let's get a convo going.

Well, alrighty. 

I'm off to write a bunch of emails today, so I hope you have an awesome one and I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Monday again, 


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