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Meeting New Colleagues As A Freelance Copywriter

The life of a freelance copywriter can be lonely as fuck.

You sit all day staring at your screen, writing your fingers off for someone you'll probably never physically shake hands with, to get the money you'll probably never actually touch.

If you're like me, then you're stuck at a table or a desk.

If you're also like me, then you also like your work enough to do it all day.

And if you're even more like me, then you're a wicked nerd over your craft.

Subject lines?

Conversion triggers?

Emotional spikes?

Email sequences?

The best CTA to sell a product you may never even buy yourself?

Oh yes, that shit excites me.

Maybe not you.

But it works for me.

Unfortunately, not many people give a shit about talking copy...other than copywriters.

It's not like I can bring these topics to my friends at the bar and all of sudden have a compelling convo about bullet points over a couple of IPAs.

But hey, that's life.

The great thing is that I joined something a few weeks ago that makes me happy about being a copywriting nerd.

I signed up The Copywriter Club's Think Tank - a year-long mastermind for a group of copywriters who want to grow their business.

It's only officially been going on for about two weeks now but it's already worth it.

There's one thing I've always kind of been jealous of with my 'office working' friends...

And that's they actually had colleagues to shoot the shit with.

Finally, I have that too.

If you're considering joining a paid mastermind, I'd do it.

Not only do you have accountability, but you get a group of people who'll push you.

That's probably what you need anyways, right?

And if you're not ready for that yet, then join my email list where we can banter over nerdy marketing stuff and random rants.

I'll even send you my Welcome Sequence Manifesto while you're at it.


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