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Best Email Newsletter Ideas to Develop Your Brand

Every email newsletter you send to your customers will make or break your brand image in their minds. It's a big matter. The following tried-and-true email newsletter ideas will help you develop your brand.

The Discount:

People always appreciate a pleasant surprise. Every now and then, run a limited-time discount on your beson your best selling products. To make it work, focus on the value you give not the monetary gain. Not to mention, don’t share those discounts anywhere else.

We Are Hiring:

Don't look outside of your email list for hired guns. Chances are there are a few subscribers who will be happy to work on your brand with you. At least, they might know a friend who knows a friend. Thus, if you're looking to hire new talent, announce it to your email list.

Service News:

If you made (or going to make) changes to your service, your subscribers should be the first to know. No matter how small these changes, always keep them updated. Furthermore, if you're introducing a new service, announce it in your emails.

The Yearly Report:

It can also cover as an anniversary email to celebrate another year of business. A celebration of your relationship as business and customers. Invite them to the party.

The Award:

Receiving an award is a noteworthy event for your brand. Your email list deserves to be part of it. Make sure to share your achievement with them with lots of party.

The Pandemic Response:

How's your brand responding to the coronavirus emergency? Can you provide some comfort when appropriate? No, it's not a cliche. You don't go through a pandemic every day. Address it so you can move on.

The Latest Research:

There's a new scientific discovery every day these days. Find a common thread to connect it to your brand. For example, you can use a piece of statistics as an evidence that support one of your views. You can also frame it in a funny context that develop your b


A Message From the CEO:

Emails from the leadership are exciting to open and read. Heartfelt messages during a crisis will make your brand more human. Plus, it gives an air of authority to your emails.

The FAQ:

If you get a question, answer it in public. Only when appropriate. Some people have concerns, but they never air them. By answering questions in public, you’ll reach the silent majority. Furthermore, you get to express your authority as a friend.

The VIP Only Update:

Make your email subscribers feel special by sharing a "secret" about your brand. It must be something you don't share in public. Give some a "scope." It'll foster a sense of community and make them feel "in the know," which reflects well on your brand.


Teach your customers how to use your product. Show them how they can get the most out of it. A mini-course can be an email sequence to transfer a skill. It can be about general life skills.


Emailing your list is like an engaging conversation. Can you think of how to convert your daily conversations to emails? That's what it takes.

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