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Arguing With My Girlfriend Made Me A Better Copywriter

Just last night, my girlfriend and I had one those stupid boyfriend/girlfriend arguments that are just so lame it makes you cringe when you're all alone at night trying to fall asleep...

Let me set the scene: 

It was a long day of writing up another welcome sequence for a new coaching client that I just onboarded. The day was long. And I guess, my temper wasn't. 

After writing my hands into carpal tunnel, I even had a meeting with my publishing team regarding my book...

It was tedious, exhausting, and downright no fun. 

But, that's life. 

At least, at the end of this day, I can relax and kick it with a couple of sessions of Battlefield 1 on Xbox or perhaps binge up on some Hell's Kitchen. (...hit me with more cooking shows, please)

But nooooooooooooo

My girlfriend decided to lead a literal armed resistance and FORCED ME AGAINST MY WILL to watch a show on Netflix calledThe Mortified Guide

I decided to fight back and lead a bayonet charge to fight for my right to watch Gordon Ramsay destroy the self-confidence of some lowly line cook from New Jersey...

Long story short - she won. 

So there I was...

WatchingThe Mortified Guide, and if you don't know it already, it's pretty much a standup show where people tell funny - even humiliating - stories from childhood. I scoffed at first. I even took my phone out and RE-DOWNLOADED Instagram to distract myself from the show I was sure I was going to dislike...

I was wrong. 

Each person shared a personal story that I somehow connected with in one way or another. I found myself actually almost touched with these kind of magical sessions of storytelling.

Maybe it's because I've been in lockdown and I've barely had any face-to-face interaction with people other than my girlfriend...

Maybe it's because once upon a time, I too was a 7th-grade doofus who had a crush on a girl and was rooting for the storyteller on the show to win...

Maybe it's because I just like funny stories and the occasional laugh took the edge off of the long day...

But I actually really enjoyed it. 

Why wouldn't I?

It was a show about one of the most hypnotic, enthralling, and attention-grabbing ways of communication - storytelling. 

And when you add a storytelling element to your marketing, you're able to stand out from your competitors, showcase what makes you unique, and give your audience a message that'll make their hearts sing. Your story may even be so powerful, it can turn a short-tempered, thirsty-for-a-Battlefield1-session, probably-just-hangry-dude...

Into a giggling idiot laughing about Harry Potter Fan Fiction.  (or to buy your stuff)

Stories are how cultures are shared and passed on, how history is told and remembered, how we learn to live and connect with people we once knew nothing about...

And it's how you'll grow your business and take your marketing to a new level. 

Stick to stories and you'll thrive. 

Alright, that's all from me today. 


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