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5 Essentials of Sexy AF Email Copywriting

Not every business has compelling email copy.

You pop up your laptop, click to your inbox, and you’ll see a mountain of unread messages from businesses you’ve given your email to.

If you’re like most people, then you’ll never open most of those emails.

Like no chance.

You haven’t even thought about it — not even once.

But you have your exceptions….

Which emails do you open and actually take the time to read? Let me tell you.

1. You saw a subject line that jumps out to you and you think ‘yeah alright, sounds fun, I might as well open it and see what the fuss is about.’


2. There’s a specific brand or business you like and you enjoy getting content from them. You actually see their name pop up in your inbox and your fingers punch it to be read.

Both #1 and #2 are great, but #2 is where you want to be.

Constantly opened and consistently liked.

Everyone has a few businesses they love hearing from. They’re like old friends who’ve treated you well, made you feel special, and you’re just happy to hear from them…

You open their emails because they have a message and words that you love.

Okay, maybe you like their product but are you going to buy something each time they reach out?

Of course not.

Simply put, you like the feeling you get when you open that email and read what’s written. You feel like your life is 10x better, your problems are solved, and you’re even proud you associate with that business.

But there’s a problem.

A lot of companies lack the copy that makes readers feel cared about.

And that sucks.

BUT, there are a lot of companies that absolutely nail it. They have a few common elements that make their readers jump to their emails each and every time.

I want to go over a few of the basic ideas they all share.

We could go DEEP into advanced copywriting and marketing strategy, but before you try to master anything you gotta love and appreciate the fundamentals.

If the emails you write follow these basic concepts then you’ll be able to make sales from your list — on command.

You’ll be constantly opened and consistently liked.

Let’s get started.

#1 Declutter & Simplify

One of the best copywriting tips I heard was from legendary copywriter Joe Sugarman in his blueprint The Adweek Copywriting Handbook. Sugarman mentioned the last thing any form of copy should have is FAT.

Take a look at the last email or form of copy you’ve read or written and read it out loud.

Does it sound long-winded?

Does it sound like you’re talking too much?

Does your message and objective sound clear?

Are you out of breath while you read it?

There’s a debate going around about whether long or short-form copy is good for email…

It actually doesn’t matter, as long as your message comes across.

What’s important is that all the unnecessary garbage is left out.

Writing good copy isn’t about trying to sound smart, showing off your vocabulary, or using jargon that makes zero sense to the typical reader — leave that to the politicians.

Your first goal in writing good copy is that it makes sense and is readable.

Read your copy out loud and make sure it doesn’t sound like a mouthful. Clear and concise is your objective.


Simplified copy is also better because it avoids making your copy look like a big block of text. Ever open up any document and just seen a wall of words? Typically, you’d run for the hills. Your reader will too.

#2 Have A Style & Personality

A lot of emails are boring.

Too many emails have copy that sounds like a Wikipedia article.

I’m not saying emails packed with information is bad — because they’re actually awesome…

But I’m talking about the tone and personality in the email. A lot of messages sound dull and lifeless which reflects poorly on the business or the writer.

Remember when I said people love emails that feel like they’re coming from a friend? How would you talk to a friend if you wanted them to teach or convince them to do something? Surely, you’d show some personality and enthusiasm, right? Here’s the solution…

Write as you talk.

Not only does this cover the first point I made about simplifying but you also infuse your unique style and twist to your copy.

By the way, that’s crucial when you want to stand apart from your competitors.

Your competition has the same products and services you do, but what really makes you special is how you sound and communicate each time readers give you their attention.

Think about the most famous and well-respected people. You sense their personalities and are attracted to hear from them.

You want to know what they’ll say or think next.

Go ahead and give yourself permission to be yourself.

Have fun. Bring your sense of humor. Tell your story. Just rant and act like you’re speaking to someone right in front of you.

And if you really know your readers then go ahead and use slang, be informal, and be emotional.

They’ll love you for it.

#3 Give The Benefits

Here is something that’s no surprise to you…

Customers only care about themselves.

When they open your email, they do so because they’re begging you to bring some value to their lives. Sure, they may think your business and life story is cool but at the end of the day, they only want one thing…

To have a story better than yours — and they want you to help them get it.

So why do so many businesses fail to explain how their products will solve problems and benefit the lives of their customers?

You’d even be shocked that many businesses fail to write anything at all. But those who do rely on the features and features alone.

You could list everything your product or services has:

- the built-in whatever

- this gizmo that does that thing

- that button does this

- It comes with so and so…and more!!

But so what?

How do all those features solve my problems?

Do I even know what those are or is it some industry thing that you think will get me hyped?

Make it about me.

Tell me how it’ll help.

Simplify it and tell me in your own words.

Whatever is featured in your product, sit down and think “So what?”.

Therein lies your benefit.

#4 Tell Stories

You and I can agree that we hate emails that have no substance.

I mean, if you check out a message and it’s just a product feed of what’s on sale or short product description, what do you think?

I tend to unsubscribe and never think about that business ever again.

Businesses that send messages that only send promos or lack anything interesting is similar to that one friend who only texts you when he needs something…

It’s boring, shows no respect to your reader, and makes your business look like it lacks any personality or care to your email list.

Think about if you got a message from a friend who had something cool to share. They tell you a story, infuse their personality, add some emotion, keeps you on the edge of your seat then…


They tie in their story with a cool climax that brings everything together.

In the long run, you’re gonna want to hear more stories (which means more opens for you)

Using stories is not only way more interesting, shows your personality, and makes you stand out but it also makes you seem more human.

And in the age of constant DMing, emails, social media, and texts, a little human touch to a message is just the thing you need to make your readers love you.

It shows your authenticity and that you actually care.

Isn’t that something you want to do?

#5 Clear & Multiple CTAs

You sent a message for a reason.

You’re trying to influence them to take action and do something.

When you’re finished with your message — tell them to do something.

Tell them to click. Tell them to reply. Ask for their opinion. Suggest another thing to be read.

Nothing will happen unless you tell them to do something.

Remember, they clicked on your email because they believe you have the solution to their problems, and you do.

But you have to lead them to it.

They want you to lead them to it. They’re actually begging you to lead them to it. So do so. Be their leader and bring them to the promised land of happiness.

And here’s an extra tip…

Ensure your CTA (call-to-action) is more than just a one boring ‘click here’ and link to somewhere.

One of the best tips I ever got working for an awesome email marketing agency was to use CTAs that have some color and fun. Instead of ‘go here to visit our store’ — say ‘Save 10% and look stunning here’ or ‘10x your revenue with one click here’.

Have fun with it.

Also placing your CTA in more than one place seems to double click rates and sales, putting them in the beginning and right at the end is just fine.

Lastly, make sure your CTA stands out and can be easily seen.

A CTA button that is clearly a CTA button leads the readers down the page and right to the button.

I guarantee you’ll end up with more clicks than before.

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