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5 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rates

It’s infinitely important to recognize the relationship between strategies and tactics in email marketing. A strategy outlines the destination, but the tactics are all about how you’ll get there.

The following email marketing tips are bite-sized strategies that can cover as tactics. As you adapt them to your email marketing, you can expand or shrink their application according to your needs.

The only hard part is mustering the willingness to apply them, and the patience to optimize your conversion rate.

With that said, let’s stop wasting precious words on pep talks and get into these five email marketing mini-strategies.

The “Frequently bought together” and “Products related to this item” Amazon Strategy

Amazon is the master of personalization.When customers are browsing for products, Amazon will serve them more items to buy in the “frequently bought together” and “products related to this item.”

It’s like having a trusty friend shopping for you.

You can apply it by setting up a trigger: If the user buys product X, upsell product Y, and recommend product Z. Some buyers need help while shopping.

Furthermore, you will incentivize buyers to take action quickly when you give them additional perks. Like offering free shipping buy the product within 24 hours. Or sales countdowns where the discounted price will vanish before long.

Be Bold To Boost Your Conversion Rates

Command don’t convince.

Your Call To Action (CTA) will make or break your conversion rates. Basically, your CTA button must be pretty noticeable. You must make it very visible in your email. You should surround it with the best copy you can to make users click.

To make it easy to notice, use an attention-grabbing color like red.

No playing safe with your CTA. It must be concise and straightforward. Don't be timid, use your force with verbs like:

  • Subscribe

  • Donate now

  • Buy now

  • Join now

  • Get It Now

  • Book an appointment

  • Call Us Now

In addition to action verbs, add a descriptive word: “Schedule your special strategy call.”

Don’t confuse your readers with many calls to action. Remember, one call to action per email. All the content of the email should focus on one call to action. If you got many calls to action, send as many emails as you need for EACH ONE OF THEM.

Provide A Lot Of Scarcity

You absolutely must use scarcity marketing as a weapon to boost your conversion rates. Visit any highly converting hotel booking website, and you’ll get bombarded with no-so-subtle scarcity messaging:

  • Everyone seems to want their rooms

  • Rooms are getting booked multiple times every day

  • Book your room before “we get overbooked”

  • X number of people are watching this room right now

  • You’re too late. We’re sold out.

  • Our bestseller room.

  • Our award-winning room.

  • Celebrity\VIP Suite

  • Luxury room

It’s a style of messaging that’s dead serious. You get the impression that if you don’t buy now, you’ll never get a second chance.

In reality, it’s simple psychology. Scarcity sells like hell. Here’s why:

  • When something is in high demand it’s more desirable.

  • People want to possess rare things.

  • The law of supply and demand: When things are in low quantity there’s a higher demand.

  • People think owning exclusive things will make them seem more sophisticated.

  • Rare items are powerful because not everybody can own them.

There's another psychological force at play as well, which is Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).

Scarcity creates FOMO. When you make your product rare, you create demand, and when you make it scarce, people take fast actions before they lose it forever.

Building Your Credibility

It's because unless you've spent years and years writing for your email list, you have built little trust. Why should people trust you when they don't know you? People don’t trust email marketers, people trust people.

To bolster your conversion rates, you must use social proof.

Use quotes and testimonials in your emails to improve your credibility.

It’s funny because even though people won’t trust you, they’ll trust someone else like them. Because you don’t have years and years to build trust, it’s best you rely on testimonials in your emails to get there fast.

Another method to establish credibility is mentioning the brands you work or worked with in the past. Their seal of approval can boost your credibility. Like using seals and certificates, if you’re a BBB-accredited business, mention it. Display the logo.

If you were recognized by industry leaders and international organizations, flaunt it like there’s no tomorrow.

Furthermore, fast responses can also boost your credibility. Make it a priority to answer questions quickly. And if somebody replies to your email, reply ASAP.

Create An Amazing User Experience

Many email marketers make big promises they can’t keep. In the user experience department, there’s a huge gap.

It’s probably the single most factor that’ll explode your conversion rates. Here’s how to improve it:

Use tech-savvy email software to ensure a high email delivery rate.

Make sure your email is lightweight with a few contents as possible.

Prioritize mobile users and use mobile-friendly design and copy.

Don’t ask for more information than you need in your sign up forms

Focus your copywriting on self-interest and how they'll benefit from your product.

This is an area where you want to stick with tried-and-true. In other words, improving user experience can take your email marketing to another level.

Follow these tips, and you’ll see.

In Conclusion

Be very careful with using these strategies and tactics to boost your email conversion rates.

Overusing them will lead to people desensitized to them. To make them more effective, apply them in moderation.

Email marketers who overuse them become despised because people perceive them as manipulative.

It’s your ethical responsibility to give your great products to the people who need them. And, in moderation, these tactics can help you rise above all your competition.

In the end, use them strategically and you’ll boost your conversion rates.

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