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3 Non-Copywriting Books For Better Copy

One of the best things you could ever do to improve your copy is to obviously READ great copy. 

That's obvious. 

Yet, one of the biggest mistakes you could make in improving your copy is ONLY reading copy. 

Don't get me wrong, though. 

I'm one of the biggest nerds in regards to sharing my favorite sales pages, landing pages, emails, and anything that has to do with selling with words...

And if you told me to send you my top 5 favorites pieces of sales copy, I'd end up sending you 10. 

Maybe even 15. 

Of course, reading great sales copy helps you with inspiration, understanding what good copy comprises of, and can even serve as a template for whatever you're trying to write. 

But it shouldn't be the only thing you read to help you. 

Actually, I think stepping away from anything copy, marketing, or business-related can actually make your copy 100x better.

For me, reading other genres helps clear my mind of all the boring and jargon-filled business-talk...And makes me write more conversationally, more descriptively, and more creatively. 

Which is how you'd want your copy to be. 

There's a good chance that it'll do the same for you and also make the writing process a lot more enjoyable. 

Today, I want to quickly share with you 3 non-business copy that I know will improve your copy overnight. (...and are also just a blast to read)

Without any further ado, let's get started. 

Just Kids by Patti Smith

I always go back to this book. Basically, it's the memoir of poet, musician, artist, and overall badass, Patti Smith. It's about when she first moved to NYC and her humble beginnings before she became THE Patti Smith. 

The book is pure art. She's a master in painting pictures in your head and filling you up with emotion with each sentence - which makes for great copy. 

It's part origin-story, part love-story, and part struggling-to-make-it-by-story. 

I think this is one of my first real 'page-turners' I've been lucky enough to have in my hand. 

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

First of all, big RIP to the guy I obsessed over for years. 

If you want to read a fun book, then let this be it. Not only will it make you laugh but it's an incredible example of 'infotainment', which is writing that both informs you and entertain you - the kind of writing that makes customers glued to personality and buy everything you sell. 

There's a reason why after this book debuted Bourdain would end up having raving fans (me included) inspiring him to create even more books and a load of TV shows based around traveling and food. 

(I also love this book because it's an amazing sample showing that unperfect grammar and errors can still make great writing - or perhaps, I'm just making an excuse for myself)

Shoe Dog by Phil Night

Alright, before you say anything...I know. This is KIND OF a business book. But not really at the same time. It's not your typical how-to book and there's not even really any advice about building a business. 

BUT, this book is an amazing read. 

Maybe Phil actually wrote this, maybe he didn't. But whoever did has mad writing skills. 

The storytelling, description, and cadence of the book make it almost addictive. Plus, there are little bursts of inspiration that CAN impact you and your business. So give this ago if you don't want to step away from your business books but want something a bit different. 


I just onboarded a new client in the teaching space so I have to get my teacher's hat back on and do some research today. 

I sincerely hope you're doing well and would love to hear about what you're up to. 

Are you reading anything good recently? 

Send me a reply if you have any suggestions :) 

Anyway, have a great day and talk soon!


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