Earn Six Figures From Writing Emails

Join Up Dots Business Coaching Podcast

Copywriting expert Francis Nayan is today’s guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots business podcast. He is a copywriter, and travelling entrepreneur, who has built his business without even first having an online presence. As he says "I create evergreen, automated, behaviour-driven emails, funnels, and campaigns for coaches, mentors, and e-commerce businesses who want to make more money with email.


Earn Six Figures From Writing Emails

Join Up Dots Business Coaching Podcast

In this episode, I chat with Francis Nayan about his journey of moving from the USA to Europe and pursuing a job in ESL teaching and how that led him into the world of online business. We'll dive into how he got his first clients as a freelance copywriter and how you can get started down this path as well.


#399: How to Pitch Yourself as a Podcast Guest with Francis Nayan

The Marketing Mentor Podcast

Pitching yourself as a guest on the podcasts that your ideal clients listen to is one of the advanced content marketing strategies many Marketing Mentor coaching clients are using. And it can be very effective – when you do it right. In today’s episode, I chatted with copywriter, Francis Nayan, who pitched himself for my podcast and it worked. Listen to find out why. If you like what you hear, we’d love it if you write a review, subscribe on Apple Podcasts and sign up for Quick Tips from Marketing Mentor.


The Expat Laptop Lifestyle: The Highs and Lows and Why You Must Take it Seriously to Succeed

The Thriving Abroad Podcast


Is Email Marketing Better Than Social Media Marketing?

Health Coach Academy

What if your favorite social media platform goes the way of Myspace? Where would your audience go? How would you be able to connect with your tribe? While building up your email list may not seem as sexy as having a huge social media following, nothing helps the bottom line of your business more than your email list.


To share how to create awesome email content, we invited Francis Nayan to the show. Francis shares how coaches can use email marketing to enhance their business when done the right way.


EP110: Stories and Copy with Francis Nayan

Health Coach Conversations

Building an email list is one thing, but sending consistent emails with content your clients want is a whole separate ball game. Francis Nayan joins Ashlie to discuss the power of your story, why email marketing is just as important to your business as social media, and how to boost your email engagement with the right copy!

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