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EP110: Stories and Copy with Francis Nayan

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Building an email list is one thing, but sending consistent emails with content your clients want is a whole separate ball game. Francis Nayan joins Ashlie to discuss the power of your story, why email marketing is just as important to your business as social media, and how to boost your email engagement with the right copy!  


In this episode, Ashlie and Francis discuss: 

Why sharing your story and knowing your why resonates with clients  Francis’ favorite coaching niche to work with   Why some emails are irresistible and must be read   How Francis feels about email templates vs. writing your own copy  Why research is key when writing for other people  2 Types of email copy to avoid  Benefits of email marketing vs. social media  What makes Francis’ writing process unique Why engagement can make or break email marketing   Suggestions for cleaning your email list  Recommendations for whitelisting and improving your welcome sequence  Different ways to work with a copywriter How email copy differs from sales and ad copy  Advice for making your emails and email newsletter more memorable and likely to be read Tips for hiring a copywriter      

Memorable Quotes:

“It can be difficult to stand out from the competition because you might have similar services, similar products, similar messages—but you don’t have a similar story.”  “That’s the biggest thing you need to understand when it comes to nailing down your email marketing: What does your prospect value?”   “Social media is important, it’s 2020, it is a big thing—but using email is an amazing way, the best way still, to get leads and to make sales.”  “The more you send emails to them and the more that they don’t get opened, then the more that you’re likely get to sent to promo and be read even less.”   

Francis Nayan is a copywriter from Memphis, Tennessee currently living in Budapest, Hungary. He started his freelance writing career as a kindergarten teacher in Budapest. He then landed his first big client with a professional sports league and transitioned into full-time writer, specializing in email copy and sales pages. Since then he’s had the honor to work with some amazing companies, 6-7 figure e-commerce brands, leading agencies in Singapore, and his copy is used regularly for 6-8 figure businesses and thought leaders like Kane Minkus and Kevin Harrington - all while traveling to 20+ countries.


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