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123: From Heroin Addict to World Traveler and 6-Figure Freelance Copywriter with Francis Nayan

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Francis Nayan takes us in his journey growing up in a Filipino immigrant home in Memphis, Tennessee. He reflects on his immigrant identity growing up in the American South, including the racism he experienced, but also shares the things he loved about his diverse upbringing. Francis then shares his experience going to college in Mississippi, getting into drugs, and falling into a downward spiral that led him to heroin addiction. He explains how a heroin overdose that almost killed him was actually the event that saved his life. Francis then takes us on his journey of getting clean, healthy and designing his dream lifestyle around world travel. He explains how he moved to Barcelona to teach English for a year, followed by teaching for a year in Budapest, Hungary. Francis then takes us on his entrepreneurial to from an English teacher to a location-independent 6-figure freelance copywriter who has now been to over 30 countries. Next he shares tactical advice on how businesses can significantly augment their email marketing strategy. He goes deep on market research, email-list segmentation, personalization, crafting emotionally-driven story-based copy, automating email campaigns, and optimizing deliverability and open rates. Francis also shares the #1 leverage point a business with an established email list can do right now to improve performance immediately.

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